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13th-Jan-2010 08:34 pm - This makes me kind of happy.

Your result for the Fan-Fiction Personality Test:

The Weirdo

Crackfic, Mpreg, and all the other oddities.

You are pretty weird. It's hard to put you in a box. On one hand, you might lean towards the bizarre subgenres; recklessly slash people with inanimate objects, create alternative universes where Harry Potter is a 7 years old girl named Annie and don't take fanfiction very serious. On the other hand, you might be a misunderstood genius that could write Tolkien, Roddenberry and Rice into the ground, and your ideas are simply totally ahead of their time.

However, the chances you're the latter are rather small.

Take it, ya'll. You know you want to!

Quiz here. :D

15th-Aug-2007 04:08 pm - So, like --
I am alive, even though it may not seem that way, and much fic has been written. Just not re-written. 

But one day, it will be, and I will stop neglecting this journal. :)
29th-Jun-2007 10:17 am - Ego kick.
Okay, okay. I admit that I'm probably the last person in the world who needs an ego-boost.


I think this qualifies as an ego kick-in-the-face.

I think I may seriously love everyone who reviewed The Benefits of Love. Er. And by love, I mean Breakfast. You have taken over my mind, you see. I love you, I love you, I love. You. And toast.

If I ever wrote a poem, it would be called, Reviewers: Ye Who Owne My Heart. Or possibly, Toast: Inspiration in Times of Great Need

Oh, toast. We obviously need to collaborate more often.
27th-Jun-2007 12:18 pm - The Benefits of Breakfast

Title: The Benefits of Breakfast



Genre: Humor/Romance

Rating: PG-13, if you squint. Er. Or are offended by possible jam orgies.

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize isn't mine and is the property of JKR. C'mon, you all know the drill by now.

Summary: Harry's luck runs amuck and there is spam but not jam and -- really, it isn't Harry's fault that Malfoy's stupid hair is so shiny or that his Secret-Hidden-Depths are located quite deep.

Warnings: Un-beta'd. Possible amounts of OOC-ness. Also, beware of unstable humor attempts.

Author's Notes: It was a dark and stormy night, and I really wanted some toast. Um. And that is probably where the trouble started.


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26th-Jun-2007 02:49 pm - Drabble

Title: Seasons Change


Word Count: 100.
Rating: PG
Challenge: Summer
Author's Notes: No warnings here. :)
Disclaimer: Anything you recognize isn't mine and is the property of JKR. C'mon, you all know the drill by now. 
Summary: Harry is ready for something monumental.

He breathed.


Summary: "Oh, it is," Hermione said knowledgeably. "You see, Salazar was actually a homosexual..."
Warnings: Crack
Rating: PG



20th-Jun-2007 07:46 pm - Fickle Feelings for Fathers

Summary: Harry's father can't do anything right. Nobody really wants an orphan as a friend, anyway.
Warnings: AU. Pre-slash.
Rating: PG
A/N: This was originally written supposed to be a short drabble for the HD100 community based on the word father... but then my fingers were possessed by the typing demon, so that didn't work out too well. In the meantime, er, happy belated Father's Day? :D



20th-Jun-2007 07:26 pm(no subject)



 ...til next year. ;0;

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